AC Energy’s renewable energy to power Pacific Synergy plant

  • Committing to support businesses on their path to carbon neutrality, AC Energy Corporation (PSE:ACEN) has signed an agreement with Pacific Synergy, a fast moving consumer goods company, to provide its Laguna plant facility with 100% renewable energy during peak hours, eliminating an estimated 1,500 tonnes of CO2e in the first two years, the equivalent of taking ~324 cars off the road annually. Under the energy supply agreement, Pacific Synergy’s power needs during peak operational hours will be energized by renewable energy from AC Energy’s portfolio of operating wind, solar and geothermal power plants for the next two years, or around 28,913 MWh of renewable energy. This is the first renewable energy power purchase of the company for the electricity supply of its plant operations. Apart from ensuring that the energy they will use in operating their business will come from sustainable power sources, Pacific Synergy will also get to support the growth of the emerging renewables sector and take part in the energy transition from fossil fuels to green energy sources.
  • “The switch to renewable energy through our partnership with AC Energy is a major milestone for us, not only in reducing the carbon footprint of our expanding operations, but also in supporting the sustainable development and low-carbon future of the country,” said Charles Stewart Lee, President of Pacific Synergy. “We are proud to enable the development of new renewable energy plants, encourage the growth of the green energy sector and help create much needed jobs.” AC Energy’s retail renewable electricity program allows companies to “green” their energy sources through a number of ways: by directly purchasing energy from the company’s operating renewable energy plants, by purchasing carbon credits to offset their carbon emissions, and by becoming direct “enablers of the energy transition” wherein their investment will be funneled into building new renewable energy power plants, a crucial component in the green-led recovery. AC Energy is also positioning itself to be a one-stop shop for the energy needs of its retail clients, providing competitively-priced and tailor-fitted plans anchored on great customer experiences.
  • “AC Energy provides businesses that are looking for ways to achieve their sustainability goals a jumpstart to their renewable energy journey, and reduce their carbon footprint in a hassle-free and cost-efficient way,” said Miguel de Jesus, Executive Director and Head of Commercial Operations of AC Energy. “Pacific Synergy’s decision to procure renewable energy from us provides a boost to our program as we aim to rapidly expand these positive switches to green energy in the Philippines and across the region, and play a meaningful role in the green-led recovery.” Through sustained renewable energy investments despite the difficult year, AC Energy expanded its portfolio and augmented its generating capacity with the construction of two new solar plants, battery storage and firming facilities in Luzon. These sustainable investments created more than 3,000 jobs within its host communities that became vital pieces towards reigniting the economy and creating economic activity. AC Energy now has over 1,000 MW of attributable capacity in the Philippines, with almost half coming from renewable sources. The company’s strong balance sheet complemented by a robust pipeline of renewable energy projects places it an excellent position towards its aspiration of becoming the largest listed renewables platform in Southeast Asia.